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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 27, 2016 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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a woman catches an accused thief. >> she's got the kid by the hair. >> but it's what she does next that may really teach him a lesson. >> i don't feel bad for this kid. got to go now. get in the boat. >> okay, okay. >> it's the latest adventure for action movie kid. >> he makes it look so real. >> now meet the talented dad whose amazing family creations have the internet clamoring for more. >> i think you should try action movie mother-in-law. >> oh, boy. these beagles playing is an amazing scene when you find out what they've been put through. the story of their long journey to the great outdoors. and get ready. why he is till he isn't.
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i have two videos that are going to shock you, maybe even break your heart a little bit. this first one in colombia is going to just make your jaw drop. this woman is accusing that boy of trying, attempting to rob from her. she's got the kid by the hair. he's kneeling down in front of her. you hear the boy saying, you know, i have a family. he's crying. and not only does he have him by the hair, watch what she starts making him do. she forces him to take an item of clothing off in front of anyone that is passing by. >> that's a pretty good-looking woman. was he just maybe trying to make a pass at her and she misunderstood? >> we don't know for sure, but she says that he tried to rob her. >> good for you. and yeah, i don't feel bad for this kid. >> now she's forcing him to take his underwear off. as she's, like, shaking his head and not only that, she also swings at him as he finally is able to break free and takes off.
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for you, this next video in brazil is also going to shock you for different reasons. two people walk into this store, and one of them already hand raised with a handgun in it. but then the other person takes this gun and starts pointing it at the employees while the other one starts demanding money. and they ended up getting roughly 36 u.s. dollars. >> they don't even look like their ages add up to 36. >> yeah, they look like kids. >> great observation. the boy is 12. the other person is a girl. she, according to reports, is 13. the girl you see is covered in that black sweater with a hoodie over her head. while they were captured after this because they took off. police did find them, and they recovered the gun and the cash. fortunately, nobody was injured. they did take responsibility for their actions.
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i know what this looks like. the classic case of 156 dogs eating your homework. >> oh, no! that's terrible predicament. >> actually, there's a bittersweet story behind this video. these dogs were kept in captivity their entire lives. compassion unlimited plus action found out about these dogs. they're ages 2 to 5 years old. they were born and bred for research. and according to them, these dogs have never seen the light of day. what they said when they were discovered, they were being kept in the dark. and as you can see, this one doesn't even want to come out. >> it's a lovely world. he does not know. >> yeah, it's one of the more heartbreaking moments you see. but the good thing is that passion plus unlimited action was able to talk to the indian government. so when this organization that bred these dogs says hey, don't release these dogs, we want to use them for research, the government actually said no, we're going to release them.
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and these are the dogs being released. look at them. playing. probably for the first time. since they were being kept in cages. >> it's incredible that these animals will still warm up to humans and still trust humans after what they've been put through. it's great to see that these dogs. >> what i love about this is you do see dogs interacting with people. you see these little children brought in, and these dogs immediately, somebody rub my belly. sometimes the difference between success and failure, life and death, it's all just chance. this first video, perfect example comes to us from eastern turkey. and the guy in this white truck caught fire. you see the flames licking out the top of his truck. he pulls to his stop, closed the door, and he just runs. he runs away. he legs it. i'm, like, dude. what are you doing? that's not very civic minded. your truck's on fire. but then we see where he was
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running. as the fire brigade comes running up. this is the firehouse. he has caught fire in front of the local firehouse. so he just runs inside. guys, i brought the fire to you. if you could just come outside and help, that would be great. they stop watering down this truck. and this is where the guy actually also helps get back inside the truck while it's still on fire and actually repositions it so they can get the hose in the back. and in just a matter of seconds, around 20 or so, they get this fire under control. in fact, it seemed to all work so well that we can see here, he just drives away on his way. ♪ we don't need no water ♪ the roof is on fire >> versus a pickup truck. >> trash truck versus pickup truck and quite clearly the pickup lost this one. one person trapped inside. this is in san bernardino county. what we get in this video is pretty incredible first-person view of just what these guys go through to help rescue us. for example, the jaws of life right here.
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we get to see the different techniques they use. you can see the driver inside covered by a blanket in case of more flying glass or metal. as they slowly start to just chop up this pickup truck. not only are they using it to cut things in half, they've got this expansion tool. you can see they just start pushing the whole front of the car, the dashboard, away from the driver's legs so they're eventually able to get that driver out. this person was taken over to hospital where they were stabilized and believed to be able to recover. >> your patient's been extricated. let's get with. there are about 10,000 feet in the air from a helicopter sky-diving. boom. but wait. what is that? is that caution tape? >> it is caution tape attached to a device that he is going to just let free fall right about here. he lets go of that device. they attached all that yellow tape to make sure they find it. they did this twice with two identical devices.
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what in the world are they dropping? >> a cell phone. >> no. they're dropping this thing. it's called a roamproof s.o.s. 20k. essentially what it is is a battery with a built-in solar panel on top of it. kind of an emergency charge back. they claim it's quite durable. so these guys got a couple of them and decided to test them for themselves. so they go out into this pasture and they do find one of them. >> holy [ bleep ]! >> it's working. >> they're pretty stoked. the thing appears to be working. the green light's telling everybody that it's still getting juice from the solar panel. okay, cool. let's plug it into our phones and see if it gives power. and you'd better believe it. phones power up after a 10,000-foot fall. they find the second one that they dropped as well. and the prognosis is the same. >> green light's on. >> green light's on. four blue. yeah! >> it's a pretty cool device. i would like one. it's about 139 bucks.
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closed captioning provided by -- ra® gelcaps? we're going out in an hour... fast. for allergy symptoms, allegra® is the fastest non-drowsy relief you can buy. allegra® gelcaps... not just fast. allegra® fast. just another day in the bay. bicyclists and drivers. >> great. they love each other. >> this is going to go so well. >> folks are riding down the street on their bikes. pay attention to this car pulled over in the bike lane. it looks like he's dropping somebody off. >> well, you can't help but miss it. it's parked flat bang in the middle of a green painted bike
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lane. >> she reaches over and she hits his car. meanwhile, the other cyclists go around him. >> yeah, the other cyclists are forced out into the road where the cars are because this person is parked in the lane that they're supposed to be riding in. >> but it is one of those lanes that you can drive onto to get to a place that you're parking. >> the guy pulls over, jumps out of the car. >> hey. >> you stupid [ bleep ] -- >> getting all fired up. >> she did reach out and slap the front of his car. >> with her hand? good lord. >> wow, that toyota camry must have suffered some damage. >> if she hit your car, it was your fault. >> come on, there's a little sense of entitlement by these cyclists. >> you're driving in the bike lane. >> it's called a bike lane. i should be entitled to cycle in a bike lane. >> [ bleep ]. >> don't park in the bike lane next time! >> as it stands, i think everybody's wrong, but he definitely escalates it. >> you're going to get punched in the face.
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>> she's all ready with that big bike lock. >> here's where it looks like things are about to get better. it looks like they're leaving. >> oh, he didn't! >> yes, he did. he spit at her? >> he spit at her. >> all right, now everybody should just start smashing that car to pieces. >> you shouldn't have did that. >> you hear that guy in the background going "you shouldn't have did that." >> when we're human beings, we're all different when we get out on the road. what is it? >> it's called ego. ♪ nikki was playing this song this morning. it's pretty cool. mike pozner's "i took a pill in ibiza." you're about to hear it a little bit differently. ♪ >> i love these guys. so talented. >> they are. but it gets better as well
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because that dude -- how are they going to do that? ♪ >> how accurate is that? is that just a child's toy? >> i have no idea. something happens towards the end. pure coincidence that just makes it 100 times better because secretly out there on the road is the fifth member of the band. ♪ >> oh, my gosh! okay, guys. both take a deep breath. trust me, you're going to need it. the guy in this video has a stomachache. >> oh! >> that's not a stomachache. >> yeah, construction site in china. this worker has fallen off some scaffolding and impaled himself on a 13-foot bar. >> he's a kabob, nick.
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>> he's stuck now ten feet in the air on this metal bar. >> god, he's holding on. you see how he's holding on to slide down it further? >> emergency workers are there trying to help him out. they've got a backboard there that looks like it kind of splits and goes underneath. they are able to cut the metal barbee noo beneath him and also about 2 1/2 feet off the top. reports say the man is about 27 years old. they were able to get him to the hospital. they were able to remove that metal bar. doctors say it appears his small intestine, but they do expect him to be okay. >> thanks, nick. >> yeah, i was hungry, but i think i'm skipping dinner today. >> oh, come on. it's action movie kid. >> okay, okay. >> if only this was real life. >> how hear how it all got started by the creator himself. >> i was doing these silly
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videos with my kids just as a hobby. and leave it to fathers to teach life's most memorable lesson. >> this kid is about to impress his kid on the slip 'n' slide. >> watch him go in slow mo. >> careful, dad, you're going to break yobrk your nose! ow! nuts, chocolate, pretzel. they're the snack patrol. saving the world from bland snacks with new hershey and reese's snack mix. snack patrol! it's snack justice.
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>> yes, he is, he's a trained professional. watch him go in slow mo. >> with the superman shirt on, too. that's awesome. careful, dad, you're going to break your nose! >> ow! >> okay, dad made it. >> and he's safe. >> thank god i didn't have to get up and tell him to go get mom. >> well, you might have to call mom or auntie after this one because good old uncle is on the swing and -- he looks like he's got it under control. >> he sanded his face off. [ laughter ] oh, if only this was real
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life. >> okay, i'm coming. uh-oh, we're starting to rain. >> got to go now. let's get in the boat. >> okay, okay. >> oh, no. >> as you can tell, this is a bit of a wonder because it's action movie kid. we featured him on the show before, but that's just the latest. they're at a park in michigan. they're on this boat. and when dad comes around the corner, oh, man, he's better than george clooney because this kid can navigate the perfect storm. >> hey, mom. >> i just absolutely love it. action movie kid is one of those youtube celebrities. and what i love so much about it is it captures our imagination. >> i just feel like this little boy, when he sees the finished product, he's, like, yeah, you nailed it, dad. >> you already have a dog and a hippo and a sister. >> and i like this one because
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little sister got involved. >> go away. >> their dad actually has a making-of video for get in the boat. he goes through all the things he did to make this. >> he makes it look so real. he doesn't even use a green screen. that's the thing that's also really amazing. >> tell us how he does it. >> let's talk to daniel. welcome to the show. >> guys, thanks so much for having me. >> as you can tell, we love your stuff. but when you made the first one, did you imagine it would become such a franchise like a comic book would come out of this? >> when i first started, i really had no idea that it was going to be this big. i was really excited that it was doing well among my friends and family. and that was the original intent. and seeing it blow up like this has been tremendously fulfilling. >> what does your son think when he sees the final product? >> when i first started doing them, he was 3 years old. and at 3, you're barely getting used to the idea of video relaying something that has happened to you visually. so he was seeing all these
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videos of him doing all these crazy things. he asked why he had done this. he didn't have memory of them. it evolved to this great collaboration where he'll be imagining playing some crazy game. he'll tell me what's going on. later on if i can capture it on film, i'll try to make it come alive for him. >> that's amazing. >> i remember looking you up. correct me if i'm wrong, but you work in the special effects field, right? this is your job? >> i had worked for a decade at dreamworks animation and i was on one of their compositing teams doing this kind of work for stuff. and then i was doing these silly videos with my kid just on the side as a hobby. >> do other parents hire to you create for their kids? >> there are a lot of other parents that are really excited to do something like this for their kid, but for right now the special effects stay with this family. >> they can't afford it. >> all the other kids are, like, ooh! >> okay, okay. whoa! it's really coming down! >> hang on!
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he's getting ready for a bodybuilding competition. >> you can tell he's in great shape. >> but see which part of his body still needs some serious polishing. >> oh, my goodne
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♪ what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you.
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7 car here is a champion. he's held the title of world beard champion. >> generic to me. >> i'm pretty much beating him. >> this is what devin's beard looked like. so it's pretty respectable. >> it doesn't end there for him. and he's got you guys beat everywhere else because watch what he looks like once he takes his shirt off. >> oh, yeah, look at the poor guy. >> oh, my goodness, he's a werewolf. >> yeah, he is covered in hair. his wife is actually helping him make this video because with a they're going to do is get rid of all of this hair. >> oh, no. how? >> he's now holding clippers in his hands which is what he's going to use to remove the hair. >> that little clipper ain't going to do it. he needs a sheep shear. >> you're probably wondering why
2:57 pm
on earth he's doing this. he's entering a bodybuilding competition. can you tell he's in great shape. >> yeah, what's going to happen with the definition. at least people are going to be able to see the muscles as well. >> he cuts big gold patches of hair off and then picks up the trash can and starts clipping right over it. >> this is going to take all week. >> it looks like you're wearing a weird kind of pelt on the other side. >> that's usually what hair from an animal is from an animal pelt, a human pelt. >> a human pelt. >> he and his wife are cracking up. now he turns around and it's his wife's turn to start trimming some of this hair off. and she's going to have a little more fun. she's going to create some cornrows. they do end up clipping the entire torso free of hair. and this is what he looks like. >> that's only going to last for, like, a day. >> it's going to break out. >> and he's going to be so itchy and bristly. man, you're a brave dude. >> nice. >> that's all for now. but if you love great videos, we've got plenty of them over at
2:58 pm we'll see you guys on the next "right this minute."
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] harvey: welcome to "tmz live," harvey levin here. charles: charles here. harvey: we have a lot to tell you about amber heard and johnny depp and she alleged severe domestic violence of johnny depp. we're told he says it is complete b.s. this was filed with the judge today. this is a shot of amber that she claims she took saturday night after johnny allegedly smashed an iphone in her face. we are told, at least this is what her story is, she was on the phone when they got in a big argument. johnny went nuts in the place in their house in downtown l.a., broke a lot of stuff. ended up grabbing her phone. she was on the phone with a friend. she schemes call


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